How StrikeTec handles security vulnerabilities #

At StrikeTec, our mission is to unlock human performance.  We exist to improve the lives of our members, not invade their lives.  Like all companies providing wearable devices and both health and fitness related services, StrikeTec manages personal and sensitive data of our members. We take privacy seriously, and understand that we have a responsibility to protect the privacy of our members’ data. We understand that secure products are instrumental in maintaining the trust that members place in StrikeTec, and we strive to create innovative products that improve our members’ lives.

This site provides information for researchers and security professionals.

If you are a StrikeTec member and are experiencing a security issue with your account please contact our team at

Reporting security issues #

StrikeTec openly accepts vulnerability reports for our StrikeTec platform and products. If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in a StrikeTec platform or product, or if you have a security incident to report, please contact us via email at Upon receipt of your message, we will send a reply that includes a tracking identifier.  StrikeTec will not engage in legal action against individuals who in good faith submit vulnerability reports through the methods listed above.

StrikeTec Vulnerability Disclosure Policy #

At StrikeTec, we understand the importance of handling security issues responsibly. We follow a 90-day period (we call it the ‘Deadline’) to deal with security vulnerabilities. Here’s how it works:

  • As soon as we find a security issue, we tell the company involved right away. We share these details with the public after the 90-day Deadline, or earlier if the company fixes the problem sooner.
  • If the Deadline falls on a weekend or public holiday, we’ll move it to the next working day.
  • If a company plans to fix the issue within 14 days after the Deadline, we’ll wait to share the details until the fix is ready.
  • For very serious issues that are actively causing harm (known as ‘0day’), we act even faster – within 7 days. This is to protect users as quickly as possible. If there’s no fix in 7 days, we’ll help researchers inform the public so people can protect themselves.
  • Sometimes, we might adjust the Deadline earlier or later if the situation is really unusual.
  • Our goal is to make sure security problems are fixed quickly, reducing the chance for bad actors to take advantage of these issues. We encourage other security experts to use similar deadlines to help keep the internet safe for everyone.

At StrikeTec, your security and trust are our top priorities. We are committed to continuously improving our security practices and working collaboratively with the security community to keep your data safe. We believe in transparency and responsibility in handling security issues, ensuring that StrikeTec remains a trusted name in wearable technology. Thank you for being a part of our mission to unlock human performance safely and securely.

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