Why StrikeTec?

Why StrikeTec? #

One of the most common questions we receive is why one should choose StrikeTec over other training systems or wearables. While anyone involved in combat sports can benefit from StrikeTec, it’s important to understand what you are seeking from your training system.

What StrikeTec Is and Is Not #

StrikeTec IsStrikeTec Is Not
A Comprehensive Training SystemJust a Fitness Tracker
StrikeTec focuses on combat sports, providing real-time data and insights for training.StrikeTec is not a general-purpose fitness tracker; it is specialized for combat sports.
An Intuitive AppA Simple Video Library
The StrikeTec app offers various features, from performance metrics to a rich video training library.While it does include videos, it’s not just a library but a complete training system.
Your Training PartnerA Magic Solution
StrikeTec provides actionable insights to improve your training but expects you to make the effort.StrikeTec can guide you, but the results still depend on your dedication and practice.

StrikeTec Metrics #

StrikeTec breaks down the complexities of your training into key performance metrics. Click the metric below you are most interested in learning more about!

  • Punch Speed
  • Punch Force
  • Reaction Time
  • Punch Count
  • Punch Type
  • Training Overview
  • Punch by Punch Detail

Speed #

Definition: Measures the velocity of each of your strikes, including jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Importance: Helps you understand the quickness of your individual punch types.

How to Improve: Work on speed drills specific to each punch type.

Force #

Definition: Quantifies the power behind each type of punch or kick you execute.

Importance: Allows you to analyze whether your hooks have more power than your jabs, for instance.

How to Improve: Targeted muscle training and technique refinement for each punch type.

Count #

Definition: The total number of punches or kicks executed during a training session.

Importance: Helps you understand your work rate and stamina.

How to Improve: Stamina-building exercises and paced training sessions.

Punch Type #

Definition: Categorizes each strike you make into types like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Importance: Knowing the mix of punch types you use can help you become a more versatile fighter.

How to Improve: Work on diversifying your punch types through varied training drills.

Training Overview #

Definition: A summary that combines all metrics to provide a holistic view of a training session.

Importance: Helps you evaluate your overall performance and areas for improvement.

Single Punch Details #

Definition: In-depth data on individual punches, including their speed, force, and type.

Importance: Allows you to scrutinize each punch to understand its effectiveness.

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