UnderStanding Rankings and Community

Ready to take your boxing skills to the next level? This comprehensive guide will walk you through StrikeTec’s powerful performance tracking system, gamified rankings, customizable athlete profile, and engaged social community. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Learn #

  • How the Rankings & Point System works
  • The significance of Classes in your Athlete Profile
  • Ways to engage with the StrikeTec Community

Rankings & Point System #

The foundation of StrikeTec is the rankings system tied to points earned. Here’s how it works:

Ranks #

  • Beginner: 0 – 1,000 points, White Glove badge
  • Intermediate: 1,001 – 5,000 points, Silver Glove badge
  • Advanced: 5,001 – 10,000 points, Golden Glove badge
  • Elite: 10,001+ points, Platinum Glove badge

👉 Pro Tip: Check your rank progress on the Public Leaderboard under the Social tab. Tap your profile picture and toggle rankings visibility to public.

Earning Points #

  • Training Sessions: Up to 100 points per session based on performance
  • Challenges: Special skill challenges award up to 500 points
  • Community: Earn 50 points for helpful posts in StrikeTec forums

👉 Pro Tip: Consistency is key! Regular training sessions and community engagement can fast-track your progress.

Classes: Your Athlete Profile #

Classes in your Profile allow you to track your athletic attributes over time:

  • Power: Displays punch force. Improve through strength training.
  • Speed: Rates punch speed. Enhance through high intensity drills.
  • Agility: Quantifies footwork and head movement. Boost with ladder drills.
  • Endurance: Gauges cardio fitness. Build with HIIT and steady state workouts.

👉 Pro Tip: Check your Class levels under the My Progress tab. Toggle class visibility on/off in your profile settings.

Community: Connect, Compete, Conquer #

Engage with the StrikeTec community to motivate and improve your skills:

Forums #

  • Posting: Go to Community tab, click “New Post”
  • Topics: Training tips, gear advice, ask questions!
  • Guidelines: Be constructive and respectful.

Leaderboards #

  • Accessing: Check “Leaderboards” to see your rank
  • Types: Daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards
  • Compete: Challenge peers by clicking their profile

Social #

  • Sharing: Click “Share” after achievements
  • Content Ideas: Share achievements, stats, anything motivating!
  • Hashtags: Use #StrikeTecWins for visibility

Next Steps #

  • Rank Up: Keep an eye on your points and aim for the next rank.
  • Engage: Participate in the community forums and challenges.
  • Share: Don’t forget to share your achievements using #StrikeTecWins.

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