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March 2018

StrikeTec March 2018 Giveaway wes

StrikeTec March 2018 Giveaway

To celebrate our successful crowdfunding campaign and official public launch, we are giving away one free StrikeTec virtual boxing coach system!


Simply use the form below to enter yourself into the contest!


There are multiple ways to enter, every way you choose adds one more chance of you getting picked!

The Prize

The grand prize is the StrikeTec virtual boxing coach system!

This kit includes:

  • 2 X StrikeTec Punch Sensors
  • 1 X Charging Doc
  • 1 X Charging Cable
  • Android or IOS app available online


Contest ends soon so be sure to enter today! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for contest updates!

The StrikeTec Batch #3 is Shipping Out! wes

The StrikeTec Batch #3 is Shipping Out!

StrikeTec Batch #3 is Shipping Out!

Admittedly, we have been running a bit behind so I have been working with the team to get as many units out as possible over the weekend. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding. I have had an overwhelming amount of support through this journey and I'm happy to share it with you guys and will be sharing much more with you as we evolve. There have been many delays, but I don't like excuses, so its on me! I'm going to give each of you in the first 4 batches a free lifetime subscription to the app if you DM me on Instagram @StrikeTec saying “Lifetime Batch 3” and the same thing for those of you who receive yours in Batch 4, which will be anyone who has ordered before Feb 2018.  I'm doing whatever I can to get this caught up and in your hands and I hope this helps a bit.

If you havent already, you can download the Android version on the Google Play store at the link below. The iOS store required some changes, so I have the team working on those and it will be available shortly.

Some things about StrikeTec that you may already know, but I will share with you again 🙂

You will be able to learn, track and analyze all of your boxing training routines while getting instant feedback and tips to improve your performance. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, the app makes it easy to see your performance in real time.

Set and meet your goals, connect and challenge others to a head to head battle with the Striketec sensors.

Training & Performance Review

You can track your performance and get a play by play analysis of your results!

StrikeTec will review your performance and let you know how you are comparing globally. Sync to your headphones to get audio feedback and coaching so that you can focus on your technique and conditioning at the same time. Get tips and feedback on your overall weekly performance and compare to your previous performances to keep you on track.

Easy To Review Results

The Striketec Performance Review has advanced algorithms track and compare your results to others users along with professional level stats.

Each strike will be color coordinated to show you the quality of your performance when it comes to speed, endurance and power:

Excellent performance = Green

Average performance = Yellow

Poor performance = Red

Track each combination with our new Punch Recognition Algorithms to determine which punches are correct or incorrect, and how to improve.

Join The Striketec Community


See what your friends are doing on your Activity Feed. Connect to your social media and share your results on Facebook and Twitter. Join challenges to compete with others.


Leaderboard & Contests

Check how you rank with other users around the world!

You can follow, connect, chat and meet new friends in the process. Join our hosted tournaments with professional athletes and fan competitions to see who is the king or queen of the ring.

Train Like A Pro

Become a VIP member for more advanced combinations and workout routines. Watch advanced videos to perform techniques like the pros. Learn all the essentials to starting out, including how to wrap your hands, proper footwear, proper training gloves and more.


StrikeTec 1st and Only Nevada Athletic Commission Approval Broadcast Boxing Sensor wes

StrikeTec 1st and Only Nevada Athletic Commission Approval Broadcast Boxing Sensor

Becoming the 1st and only

Throughout 2014 and 2015, we had made a lot of progress on StrikeTec. We had upgraded our hardware components to faster and smaller parts,  implemented a system to track 2 fighters at the same time and we spent months traveling around working with Spike TV / Bellator MMA and DirecTV's boxing venue tracking and monitoring both training performances in preparation for the fights and the actual fight itself. Do you think you can perform under the bright lights and crowd cheers the same as you do in the comfort of your own gym?

I can tell you, it's not an easy task. My job was to make the hard work and effort given by fighters and coaches from the long days in the gym shine during the time it mattered most! This is not an easy process, it takes a lot of effort for most. I learned more from these events and opportunities than I had ever imagined. The instinct of a fighter to make them react in such an effortless motion it seemed, to the hesitation of throwing a punch and trying to pull back mid way through it.

During training, these types of hesitations are less important from the stand point of even hesitations require energy and effort which contributes to the endurance of the fighter, but during a fight a hesitation is wasted energy. You spend energy to throw a punch, but you pulled back just enough due to a split second thought process that your energy has less of an impact on the other fighter you are competing with. Resulting in it costing you endurance!



First Step : Nevada Athletic Commission Approval

The first step was a giant one. A little info for those of you who may not know. Anything related to fight night has to be approved by the states athletic commission. Each state has a separate commission that is an appointed official or group of officials, in the case of Nevada State athletic commission this group consist of eight appointed attorneys and they are very strict regarding anything related to boxing or MMA matches and Las Vegas.

It took several months of back and forth interviews and results in order to gain the trust of these officials that StrikeTec had the ability to measure accurate stats and not make a mockery of the sport, two things that I've held very close to my heart. This wasn't just my career it was my passion and I wasn't going to do anything that would jeopardize my reputation in the years I have spent developing a product that did not exist.

On February 17, 2015 I went in front of the NSAC to discuss the final verdict on whether StrikeTec would be used during the life fight or not. To be honest I had no clue that I would be on the same public hearing as Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. I was sweating bullets! These two fighters were being punished for banned substances being used during the fight and I'm asking for permission to do something that had never been done before and could potentially be a foolish mistake.

However, the outcome was huge. I gained the trust and respect of the commission and we move forward using the technology for DirecTV's big knockout boxing venue. It was a success! I owe a huge thank you to the DirecTV's team and efforts. It was truly an honor to work with these guys.



  Stats on TV

The work we had to go through was exhausting, but the payoff was everything! For the first time in the history of the sport of boxing, the fans were able to see the speed and power of the punches that connected during the fight.

Throughout the rounds, we would delivered stats to the screen (in the “lower 3rd”) the average speed and average power of each fighters punches. Also, throughout each round we were choosing the significant punches that had seemingly impacted each fighter during the match and in between each round during the one minute rest we could show the replays with the stats for each punch. We see this all the time in training, but during the live events was really interesting to see.

Behind The Scenes

We had some unique take-aways from this opportunity. Many in which were related to the complexity of collecting the data from the sensors ringside with all of the other frequencies in the arena and delivering this data to the truck in less than 1/4 of a second.

It has to be very quick and efficient in order to produce the stats on live TV. Very little room for error! As per the performance stats, we were able to see the effects of fatigue on fighters who were calm and collected and also those fighters who brought a lot of emotion to the fight.





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