Getting Started

Get connected to the StrikeTec sensors and start training now!

STEP 1. Get the App

StrikeTec Box-Fit App

Download and install the StrikeTec Box-Fit app on your device.

google play striketec app


In order to use the StrikeTec app, record your data, and participate in score battles, you will need to create an account in the app.

You can sign up using your email address, or quickly connect with the app using your Facebook account.


To have a profile picture in the StrikeTec app, you must sign in with your Facebook account. This allows us to keep appropriate pictures on our platform 🙂

StrikeTec will connect to the Right handed sensor each time 1st each time you enter the app. The Right sensor will show a Blue flashing LED upon connection while the Left sensor will remain flashing green until connected.


Sign into your Facebook account for the app to retrieve your name and profile pic or enter your information in the fields and press continue.


Profile questions are important to keep as accurate as possible so that StrikeTec can provide you with appropriate tips to increase your performance.


Power on sensors and ensure that your phones Bluetooth is also powered on before searching for the sensors. The app will find and automatically assign your sensors, please follow the dialogue on the screen to complete sensor assignment.


Press and hold the power button (blue button) firmly on the sensor for 3 seconds. The GREEN LED will begin flashing above the logo on the sensor. This is showing Power on – Not Connected.

Note- The LED will turn BLUE when the sensors are connected via the app.


Press the power button (blue button) firmly on the sensor (3) times in a row within 2 seconds. The Green or Blue LED will flash 6 times and power down the sensor.

Note- If the sensor does not power down, please make sure you are pressing the center of the power button firmly and letting completely off 3 times in sequence.

STEP 3. Charge the Sensors

Place the StrikeTec sensors into the charging housing and ensure that the micro USB cable is properly plugged in and connected. We advise that you fully charge both StrikeTec sensors before connecting to your device for the first time.


With both sensors inserted into the charger case, press the blue button firmly to reset both sensors. These sensors are protected from power surges, if there are any sudden voltage changes the sensors will shut off to preserve their components. You must reset the sensor in order to power the sensor back on.


Sensor Indicator Lights

Flashing Red

Currently Charging

Solid Red

Fully Charged

Flashing Green

Powered On & Not Connected

Flashing Blue

Connected & Ready to Use

STEP 4. Connect the Sensors

In the StrikeTec app, click on the “More” button in the lower right menu. Click on “Settings,” then “Sensors” to initiate the connection process.

It is important to note that the StrikeTec app will initiate only one sensor the first time you try to connect. This will allow the user to note which sensor is the Left Hand sensor. Simply press the “Search” option again to find the second sensor.

STEP 5. Start Training

Click on the big green “bell” button in the center of the lower menu and choose which training mode you would like to use.

Make sure to stay hydrated and wear proper equipment while training with our StrikeTec Sensors.


The exact placement of the Sensor should be on the back of your forearm, in proximity to (but not intruding on) the joint where your wrist meets your hand. (See picture above)

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